The Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters staff one of the largest and most progressive fire departments in the nation- The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.  We are the men and women you see on the streets everyday.  

  Your fire fighters respond to a wide array of emergencies.  These consist of building fires, wildland fires, automobile accidents, hazardous materials incidents, marine emergencies, confined space incidents, aircraft incidents, public safety and education, fire prevention, and emergency medical services.  You dial 911, you get us. 

  The Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters is also the sole bargaining representative for Jacksonville’s Fire Fighters.  The association negotiates fire fighter contracts and assists with any grievances that are filed against the city on behalf of fire fighters.

  We are also the political wing for the fire fighters.  We help politicians that are “Public Safety Friendly” to attain public office.  (Sadly, there are politicians who do not value public safety).  We supply signs, go door to door, design mailers, and handle web design and social media components for candidates to ensure the citizens of Jacksonville receives the best in public safety.  We also fight the city on a vast array of issues ranging from station closures, layoffs and demotions, adequate staffing, and stupid things, like taking brush trucks out of service in the middle of a brush fire outbreak.  We lobby to make sure that when the budget needs t be slashed, it is not taken from your safety.

  When Jacksonville’s Fire Fighters are not out fighting fires and saving lives, they are doing a multitude of charity work for the Jacksonville Community.  Our main charity is the Childrens Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Currently, the Jacksonville Fire Fighters are 1st in the southeast and 15th in the nation in total collections for Jerry’s Kids.

  The Fire Fighters’ commitment to Jacksonville’s military community is also unparalleled.  The Fire Fighters led the charge to push the government for information on Scott Speicher, a missing U.S. navy pilot shot down over Iraq.  Fundraiser events have also been held to place wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers at Christmas time and provide helmet upgrades to soldiers in war zones.  Just this year, the fire fighters sponsored and hosted the City of Jacksonville’s Memorial Day Ceremony at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Wall. Most recently, Jacksonville’s Fire Fighters held a charity banquet for a Jacksonville native and special forces soldier who was injured after stepping on an IED.  $8,000 was raised at the banquet, with all proceeds going towards the soldier and his family.



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