Sea of Blue! Honoring the past and marching into the future!

Sea of Blue 2015{4×6}

This October 29th in downtown Jacksonville there is something going on that you can’t miss. Starting the day off, hundreds of Jacksonville Professional Firefighters will don their formal uniforms and assemble to honor those that have fallen in defense of Jacksonville and its citizens.  The families of the these honored fallen will be present and those that shape the vision of Jacksonville will be on hand to pay homage.  Where will you be? Last year all of those that live and work downtown filled the streets to see the first somber march or “Sea of Blue” of Jacksonville’s Bravest.

The march will start the morning of October 29th, 9 a.m. at the Jacksonville Landing.  The procession will proceed through downtown to the front of city hall and then return to Bay street where the final destination will be the Jacksonville Fire Museum at Metro Park.  Here the families of the fallen will meet those that have to come  honor their sacrifice for Jacksonville and its citizens.  All the names of those that lost their lives in the service as Jacksonville Firefighters will be recited and the Sea of Blue will have succeeded in their mission.  Join us and become a part of Jacksonville’s history.


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