3 Unique Ways to Help Ensure Your Preschooler’s Safety

Moms are constantly trying to find ways to keep their little ones safe. Yet, especially with certain kids, it seems like they find new ways of putting themselves in danger faster than you can keep them out of it. If you are the parent of a preschooler, consider these out-of-the-box ways of keeping your little treasures safe from themselves.

Put Your Hand Here

Local Jacksonville business Ten23 Designs has just launched a new product designed to help keep your little one safe in parking lots. Many moms know the trick of telling your little one to put their hand on the car until you can safely take their hand. This hand-shaped self-stick decal that you apply to your car is the perfect reminder and gives your little one their very own special spot to put their hand each and every time.

preschooler safety jacksonv

Customize Your Home Security Sensors

High quality home security systems give you the option of placing activity sensors where you want throughout your home. While many homeowners will place them on exterior doors and windows, the home with a preschooler should also consider putting activity sensors on medicine cabinets, the entrance to the kitchen, gun cabinets, liquor cabinets and the pool gate. Anything that can provide you with a warning to give you time to save your child from trouble is priceless.

You’re Never Too Young to Know How to Survive in Water

Life in Florida is fantastic in so many ways. However, there is one risk that is higher here than in most other states and that is the risk of accidental drowning. Even if you don’t have a swimming pool, chances are a neighbor or family member has one and it only takes an instant of inattention for a child to find his way into the pool. One of the best investments the parents of small children can make is ISR – Infant Swimming Resource. ISR is a program that teaches children as young as 6 months old how to survive in water.

There are many risks that await your children from the time they become mobile until they move out of the house. Keep an open dialogue with them about safety and do safety drills until you are comfortable that they would know what to do in the case of an emergency. Implement safety strategies like the ones above and help your child stay safe.


One thought on “3 Unique Ways to Help Ensure Your Preschooler’s Safety

  1. Great advice, thank you for sharing.

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